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Hi there!

I’m Beef, a developer from Britain. I love to build innovative new things, and I am generally a friendly person.

Studying Computer Science
Fluent in English and learning German


I mostly develop in TypeScript and JavaScript. I am versed in both frontend development as well as backend development, my preference. Building projects for fun is my passion, and you can find my work on the Projects page of this site.


Another of my hobbies is modding Android phones, i.e. rooting, installing custom ROMs, and any other shenanigans related to the OS. Currently, I use a Google Pixel 7 and a Google Pixel Watch. However, I also have several older devices, most of which I have revived by installing custom software.


I also enjoy building PCs and modifying other hardware - both of the PCs I use on a daily basis were built by me. For anything I may need a server for, I use a Raspberry Pi 3B. It’s not the most powerful thing in the world, but it does the job!


Sourced from my GitHub.